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We have years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. From Windows Mobile products to enable you to control your orders with barcode scanning solutions to Microsoft's world renowned ASP.Net technologies for web site using Windows Servers.

We can adapt your new solutions around your current business practice and phase in changes slowly, to allow you or your staff to adjust to changes gradually and minimize impact on the day to day running of your growing business.

Maybe you need to speed up processing your orders to allow you to increase throughput; maybe you need to drive new customers to your web site; maybe you need to increase upsales on your existing site; maybe you need to make your existing site easier to navigate; whatever it is, we can help!

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DocuPro Reborn

DocuPro started life in 2005 primarily focused on transcription for the medical sector. Branching out to offer IT and web solutions to our clients was a logical step and our reputation as a flexible, knowledgeable and affordable solutions provider grew from there.

Today we focus on our IT solutions, from changes to existing web sites to advice and development of new ideas to help our customers grow.

If it's web, mobile, desktop or eCommerce, chances are we can help.


Need to update your customers in real-time? Why not implement an SMS solution? Updates on sales orders, progress reports, reminders or even special offers to past customers to increase repeat purchases.